Class Critic

In Media Criticism this semester I learned several theories on the topic. I learned about how ideologies, hegemony, and how elites all embedded specific views into texts to keep a sense of a status quo in our society. I found this class to be very interesting and learned a great deal from my classmates. I read over some of my peers blogs and found them to be insightful with some words of constructive criticism.
Meghan Roth
In your blog, “Culture of Consumption” I enjoyed your discussion based on the film Mickey Mouse Monopoly: Disney, Childhood & Corporate Power and the representation of race, gender, and sexuality in Disney movies. I think it is so interesting to look at Disney movies in a form of ideological criticism. From your blog I learned how children can absorb information about the world through all Disney movies. Young girls learn they must be skinny, attractive, and sexually. As well as young men learning to play a role of a “prince” or “savior”, and both young boys and girls learn underlying tones about racial and ethnic backgrounds but in a negative light. Your blog was very informative, I think the only advice I could give is how one could counter-act these forms of ideologies (or counter hegemony) embedded in Disney films, maybe through a multiculturalists view, where other cultures should be portrayed from a “non-traditional” view. I don’t think I could disagree with any of your views on this topic. The only forms of improvement I could give are to have a few more outside of the class sources. Also maybe define some of the terms in a little more detail in case someone out of the class reads this and knows nothing about the topic. Otherwise I thought it was very well thought out and interesting
Erica Glass
Your blog “Buy one, get one Free!!” was very catchy. It had a great opening and had me hooked from the beginning. From your blog I learned a lot about the signifiers and signifieds from the commercials made by “The Canadian Club.” In the ad titled “Your Mom Wasn’t Your Dad’s First”, I thought it was interesting that there was only one chair, and the man was sitting in the chair when typically you would think a gentleman would let a lady sit. I liked how you defined the meaning of this by informing the audience that the male is the dominant person in this Ad. The woman is sitting on his lap, like a child suggesting she is weak and submissive. I knew information about signs in advertisements and there meanings, but your blog definitely pointed out signs and meanings I wouldn’t have seen otherwise. The only suggestions for improvement for this blog are maybe a few links of sources where you found the meanings of the signs. I think sources could be relevant to this blog to prove to the audience that these meanings are what the signs represent. Also maybe a YouTube clip of the song “Gonna Fly Now” so viewers could better understand the intense meanings of the signs you pointed out. I thought your views on this topic were very interesting, I was intrigued to look at each Ad and saw all the signs you pointed out. Great job!
Photi Mavroulis’s
Your blog “The Other Window” brings up some very interesting questions. I like your blog because I found it very comical and you bought up some interesting questions. Some of the questions you ask like “Television has changed, that is a fact. However what has it changed besides more programs to watch and censorship becoming more extinct everyday. Has television as a medium changed our culture? Or is it us, the people who are in charge of television programs changing values as we see fit.” I agree with this statement and find it very interesting to think about. I think this could have been slightly more effective if you had outside of the class links in your blog to either prove these statements to be true or make them more creditable. Otherwise I thought your blog was an interesting way to look at this topic. Good job!

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